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Enlightenment Experiences


Question: Sir, why enlightened people do not discuss their experiences?

Answer: Experiences are related to mind. Enlightenment is related to consciousness. Rarely few enlightened masters have explained their experiences. However, most of the enlightened masters did not explain. If you tell your experiences to others, you may feel that you are superior and others are inferior. Moreover, your experience and the experience of others do not have to be the same. Therefore, there is no point in telling your experiences.

Others may think that they have not yet advanced spirituality as they have not yet had the experience that you have. Though they have grown more than you have, they may think so. Reason for that is you are misleading. When you attain enlightenment, you will come to know that all the experiences are nothing but illusion. So, you will not discuss about your experience. There are certain experiences that are more scientific and common to all. If at all necessary, you can share it.

The great masters will not try to expose themselves. Rather, they will empower their disciples to attain the wisdom they have attained.

Good Morning ... Go beyond experiences.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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