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Enlightenment and its purpose


Question: What is enlightenment? Can one attain enlightenment without meditation? What is the purpose of enlightenment? If all the people in the world attained enlightenment. What would happen next?

Answer: Enlightenment is the deepest feeling where you feel oneness. The word enlightenment has two meanings.

1. Freeing from burden

2. Freeing from confusions

Because of limited awareness, you create many problems in your life. Those problems become the burden to you. Enlightenment lightens your burden.

The limit explodes and awareness becomes limitless. Enlightenment makes everything clearer and brighter. The darkness that surrounds consciousness disappears.

Meditation is necessary to attain enlightenment. Meditation is not only sitting with closed eyes but also, in broader understanding, whatever leads you to meditativeness. Moreover, a knack is important to attain enlightenment. The purpose of enlightenment is to be purposeless and to be free. The bound has the purpose. The boundless has no purpose.

If all the people in the world were enlightened, there would be no war, no confusion, no disease and no crime. Peace would prevail everywhere. There would be no religion, no spiritual organizations, no court, no security forces and no hospitals. Love and Compassion would prevail everywhere. The world would be so blissful. But the world will not come to an end...😜

Good Morning... Be an enlightened...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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