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Effect of thought


Question: Sir, explain the effect of every single thought on body, mind & soul?

Answer: First you should understand what is thought? A thought is the past tense of the verb think. So a thought is not related to the present. If you observe what happens when you think of something/somebody, you will come to know that your mental frequency is reduced /increased to the level of something/somebody.

Then you get connected to the thing or the person and feel something. This feeling is getting imprinted in you.When the imprint reflects later, it is called as a thought.

Then you compare this thought with other related thoughts and expect a new kind of feeling or the same feeling again. This is called desire. This is also getting imprinted in you and reflects. This is called desirous thought.

If you think of the desire irrationally, it's imagination. If you think of the desire rationally, it's visualization.Both imagination and visualization strengthen your desire. Every single thought is getting imprinted in you. It changes the quality of the soul.

It reflects again and again in your mind and deviates your mind from the present to the past or to the future. It induces the body to take action to fulfill the desire. Bundle of imprints is called the soul. Unwanted desires remain unfulfilled. And they contaminate the soul.

If unwanted thoughts reflect again and again, they pollute the mind and lead to psychological disorders. Unwanted thoughts lead to abnormal secretion of chemicals. And they lead to psychosomatic diseases. So don't allow the unwanted thoughts to grow.

When thoughts are reflecting, the mind is using you. When you think of something, you are using the mind. The mind is a wonderful tool. Use it.

Good morning... Use the mind to succeed in life... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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