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Dreams, Opportunities and their manifestation


Question: Sir, sometimes situations are such that we feel they are opportunities to fulfill our dreams that we have from childhood...We go blind thinking it's an opportunity to manifest our dream, but it might not be...How do we judge the situations and take right decisions?

Answer: If you have a vision/idea, it goes into your subconscious mind and reflects again and again so that the idea becomes stronger. Your subconscious mind has connection with other's subconscious mind. Therefore, the reflections will reach other's subconscious mind too. As your vision becomes clearer and stronger, the idea goes still deeper, up to super conscious state. The Super conscious mind will connect the people by whom your vision will be fulfilled. It's called as opportunity.

In order to identify and utilize the opportunity when it comes, you need awareness. Out of curiosity, you may have miscalculated that this situation would be the opportunity to fulfill your vision. However, the situation may not be so. Nevertheless, definitely you would have learnt something related to your vision from that situation. It's like misunderstanding the model exam as final exam. You will learn something from the model exam that will help to face the final exam. Through each and every situation nature prepares you to fulfill your vision. Hence, nothing is waste.

Good Morning ... Increase awareness to identify the opportunity.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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