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Question: Sir why do bad dreams come?

Answer: If air circulation, heat circulation and blood circulation in your body have been disturbed, you will have bad dreams related to air, fire and water. If you have suppressed your negative thoughts, emotions and feelings, you will have bad dreams.

Sometimes, very rarely bad things which are going to happen in a short period may come as bad dreams. But don't bother about it because most of the time it will be your imagination. Your negative imaginations will also come as bad dreams.

When you sleep, the repairs and maintenance work in your body and mind is going on. Dreams clean your mind so that you can start your next day freshly. Dreams complete your uncompleted desires. Otherwise so many programs will be running in your mind. It will hang your system.

Dreams work like a safety valve. When pressure is too much, unbearable, it is released as the dream. Otherwise you will burst out. Anyhow, dreams are dreams. They are not real. In your real life, if you keep your body and mind in the right manner, the bad dreams will not come.

When you get up from your bed, forget your dreams. If you give too much importance to your negative dreams in your real life, it will become affirmation and now it will happen.

Good morning... Never dream about dreams... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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