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Why diversity in meditation techniques?


Question: Ultimate goal is to realise God with the help of meditation. Then why are so many types of meditation required? Please explain.

Answer: Nature has variety. Varieties of trees, varieties of worms, varieties of ants, varieties of reptiles, varieties of birds, varieties of animals and Varieties of human beings. As man is the pinnacle in the transformation of the Divine state, he is also trying to create Variety. He prepares varieties of foods, wears varieties of dresses, uses varieties of objects and so on.

If he uses the same kind of material daily, he will get bored. In the same way, if he is given one type of meditation, he will get bored and lose interest in spirituality. As varieties of people are there in the world, if varieties of meditation techniques are given, they can select the one that is most suitable to them according to their state of mind. Different types of meditation techniques have been devised to help the people who are in the different states of mind. When your state of mind changes, your meditation technique will also change.

Good Morning .. Choose a meditation technique that suits you more.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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