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Detached attachment

Updated: Mar 30, 2020


Question: Sir, we renounce the materialistic world in the path of spirituality to advance higher but sometimes it feels monotonous and boring since we are away from illusionary things made to rejoice in the materialistic world...How to detach and gain more clarity over this conflict?

Answer: The problem is that it is not your understanding or your experience. It is borrowed knowledge. Someone has said that you should renounce the materialistic world to advance spiritually. You believe it and follow it. That is the problem. That is why you feel monotonous and boring. If you have done out of your understanding, you will not feel bored. Before you renounce the materialistic world, you should have gotten bored with the materialistic world. Then, if you renounce, you will not feel monotonous. On the other hand, if you have gone deeper spiritually, you would have experienced inner joy. Then, you would have felt that compared to this inner joy, materialistic enjoyments are nothing.

You have neither experienced inner joy nor got bored with materialistic enjoyments. Then, naturally, you will feel monotonous and boring. It is not that all those who renounced attained enlightenment and all those who have not renounced are suffering. Whether you renounce or not does not matter. Whether you use the materials or materials use you matters. Actually, renunciation is related to the mind and not to materials. Almost, everybody has to live with the help of materials. Rejecting materials is the same as rejecting life itself. Spirituality is not against life. In fact, it is for life. Spirit means energy. All materials are made-up of energy only. Hence, it is better to use whatever is necessary to your life with awareness and without aversion.

Good Morning.. Have detached attachment.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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