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Destroying sin imprints


Question: Sir, How to destroy bad imprints?

Answer: Bad imprints are otherwise called as sin imprints. Their reflections cause pain to self and others. There are three methods to get rid of sins.

1. Expiation - compensation for wrong doing.

2. Super imposition - Doing right action so that the wrong will be erased.

3. Neutralization - Making the imprints inactive.

Among these three neutralization is the best method to destroy the bad imprints. And it is possible through meditation. The human mind is functioning between 1 and 40 frequencies. It is measured by ElectroEncephalogram as follows :

Beta - between 14 and 40

Alpha - between 8 and 13

Theeta - between 4 and 7

Delta - between 1 and 3

Normally, you commit sin in beta frequencies. When you meditate, the mind frequency is reduced from beta to alpha, alpha to theta and theta to delta. When your mind comes to alpha state, you are disconnected from what you have done in beta frequencies.

When you are in the lower frequency, the higher frequency imprints will not affect you. The longer you are in the lower frequencies, the higher will be the changes in your chemical, electrical and magnetic fields.

This makes changes in the structure of your sin imprints. The lesser is your frequency, the more will be your awareness. The awareness is like fire. It destroys your sin imprints. The fried seeds will not sprout again. So, even if you happen to come to the higher frequencies again, the dead imprints will not affect you.

Expiation and superimposition are trying to make changes in your actions. It happens on the surface. Whereas meditation makes changes in your mind. It happens in your very core. If change happens in your mind, the changes will automatically happen in your thought, word and deed.

So meditation is the best method to destroy sin imprints. Change Your mental frequency so that your life will change.

Good Morning... Change your mental frequency..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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