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Delay in development of child's speech


Question: Sir, my son is 17 months old..he is able to walk and play very nicely.. he can understand what we speak and responds too..he shows things if he wants them..but problem is that he will never speak single and then he speaks amma that too not clear but out of emotion. Can you please suggest how we can solve this issue?

Answer: There are two reasons for speech delay. 1. Hearing problem 2. Slow brain growth. If the child is not able to hear, he cannot speak. But in the case of your child, he is able to hear, understand and respond. So, his ears are good. If brain growth of the child is slow, then too, speech delay is possible. This may be the reason for your son's delayed speech.

It will take 3 years for complete brain growth. So, still time is there. Nothing to worry. In general, male babies will take more time to start speaking than female babies. Sometimes, a child that speaks less in his childhood will speak more in his adulthood. He will be able to listen more. So, possibilities are there for him to become a philosopher. Traditional Remedy for Speech Delay is to apply a few drops of honey with Dharbai grass mix on a child's tongue for 48 days. Child will speak fluently.

Note: Consult an Ayurveda doctor regarding how to implement it.

Good Morning .. Spend time speaking to your children...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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