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Dealing with arrogant and ignorant people


Question: Sir, how to live with people who are so adamant and so egoistic or innocent or ignorant or combined? I mean.. their actions disturbs others. And they don't even realise it. When somebody points or asks him or her to improve in that aspect.. He or she could not tolerate or even can take it as blaming or criticising. There is no self thinking also which is required in colonial living... So what is it? where are they heading? what will happen to them? and how to help them without hurting them? How to help ourselves also from them? Hopefully we can see this type of issue between many of the husband and wife relationships. And it can be seen between Managers and subordinates also..Can you please comment on it?

Answer: It is called child-ego in psychology. Their behavior is like a child. A child is immature, innocent, adamant when he/she wants something, and unable to make decisions independently. If the parents are not rearing their child properly, the child will remain a child even if he/she has grown physically. They are physically matured but psychologically immature.

When will a child be happy? When will a child listen to your words? Definitely, when you treat a child as a child and go down to the level of a child, he/she will be happy and listen to your words. On the contrary, if you try to control them, that is called parental ego in psychology. Children don't like that. You should neither control a child nor let him /her be freely as they are immature. The same technique should be applied here also.

You should go to the level of another person and understand him /her. Then you should make that person feel comfortable with you. Then you should do what his/her parents failed to do. Give him /her training to make decisions independently. If they take decisions independently, they will take the responsibility. If they take the responsibility, they will understand the situation. So, they won't be adamant.

Good Morning ... Go to the level of others to make any changes in them... 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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