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Question: Sir I don't get much concentration on what I'm doing but always think about other things. How to overcome this?

Answer: That is the very nature of mind in the peripheral state. There are two reasons for being unable to concentrate on one thing.

1. Boredom

2. Anxiety

When you do any action for the first time, your conscious mind is involved in it. You do it consciously. When you do the same action in the same way repeatedly, it becomes your habit. Now your subconscious mind will take charge of doing it.

Subconscious mind works as a robot. Giving in charge to the subconscious mind your conscious mind will be wandering. So you will get bored soon. To overcome this, do the same thing in a different way. Prepare the same dish but differently.

Subconscious mind doesn't know anything about new things. So it will not involve it. Then the conscious mind has to be involved. When the conscious mind involves, the concentration will be there. Think differently and do differently. Then you will be aware of what you are doing.

Out of habit your mind will start wandering again. After some time you will remember that you have missed the awareness.Again bring the awareness to what you are doing. Again you will miss it. No problem. Bring it again to your work.

In the beginning the remembrance will be three times or five times in a day. Sometimes you will not remember at all. When you remember, don't feel guilty for you have missed the awareness. Be proud of remembering again. Day by day the remembrance should be increased.

Don't leave anything to the Robot. Try to do everything consciously. If you try it daily, you will become more interested in it. The more you are aware, the deeper you will go into your mind. In the deeper level of your mind, there will be no wandering. Stability will be there.

Good morning... Do everything consciously...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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