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Chastity vs Prostitution


Question: Sir, comment on "Chastity and Prostitution".

Answer: Chastity and Prostitution are common to both men and women. Chastity is sharing the body with love. Treating the body as the temple and worshiping the partner as the Divine. That's why it is called making love. When you make love, not only bodies unite but also minds and souls unite. It leads to complete union.

Prostitution is sharing the body for wealth. Treating the body as the toilet to release the stress and using the other person as pleasure giving material. That's why it is called as sex. In a way, prostitutes are helping to maintain social harmony by releasing stress.

But it creates physical diseases first then they are converted into the psychological problems.Even if you are married if you share your body without love, it is also prostitution. You share your body with your partner because your material needs are fulfilled by your partner or you want to maintain harmony in your family. It is like a private toilet and prevents diseases on a physical level. That's all.

But it creates psychological disorders first then they are converted into the physical problems. Harmony cannot be maintained for a long time. It should come naturally. Otherwise, you will burst out one day. This will lead to the breakup. And this is the major cause for increasing divorce nowadays.

Making love leads to natural harmony. And it will help to reduce divorces. Let your bedroom be your worship room.

Good morning... Make love and not sex...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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