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Celebrate every moment


Question: Sir.. I have heard you saying we should be enjoying each and every moment of life.. But how can I celebrate the moments which are irrelevant or painful to me.. I feel that the celebration can't be so easy.. If I tried I might end up in acting as if celebrating.. Then it can't be a true celebration.. How can a person celebrate when he himself or his surrounding people are suffering?

Answer: If I say that you should celebrate each and every moment of life, it doesn't mean that you should go and dance in front of the people who are suffering. The painful situation will come in everybody's life once in a while. Obviously, you cannot dance in that situation. But you should go through that moment with awareness. You shouldn't get stuck over there.

During your journey an accident may happen rarely. But you should not be thinking of the accident and feel sad throughout the journey. Rather, you should forget that moment and enjoy your journey. If I say that you should celebrate each moment, it means that you shouldn't make your whole life painful thinking of painful moments occurred in your life. Rather, you should forget the painful moment and enjoy the next moment.

Moreover, celebration means inner joy. When it overflows, sometimes you may feel to dance. Celebration doesn't mean that you should always be laughing and dancing. Awareness leads to inner joy as it creates a rhythm in your body, mind and soul.

Good Morning .. Be aware to celebrate your life.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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