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Buddha within us


Question: Sir.. When two persons meet, one who knows the Buddha in him and the other has not yet, How is the Buddha able to feel the Buddha in the other person too?

Answer: The Buddha is the one who realized that which is the base for everything. Once you realize the base, you become the base. As you are the base, whatever you see, you will feel your presence in it and whomever you see, you will see yourself in them. Once you attain the Buddhahood, you will be aware of what the ordinary minds will think. Because Buddhahood encompasses everything.

Like you exist in your body, you will exist everywhere. Like you vibrate in your body, you will vibrate everywhere. Like you pulsate in your body, you will pulsate everywhere. Hence, you know that everyone is potentially Buddha. Any moment they can realize it. Only difference between the Buddha and potential Buddha is, the Buddha is aware of his potential and potential Buddha is not aware of his potential.

Good Morning ... See yourself in others...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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