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Buddha vs Siddha


Question: Sir, Even though many people have realized the Divine state, not all the people have understood the consciousness and it functions..? How to understand the consciousness and its functions?

Answer: Vethathiri Maharishi has rightly said that if one crore people have realized the Divine state, one among them has realized the consciousness clearly. The one who has dissolved in the Self /Divine is the Buddha. The one who has realized the consciousness and its functions is the Siddha. Buddhas have left their body ordinarily. Whereas Siddhas have retained their body for hundreds of years. As they know consciousness and its functions, they have played with the energy.

When you meditate, you are nearing the source. When you go very near, you will lose your control, you will be absorbed by the Source. Once you are absorbed, you cannot understand the consciousness and its functions. If you are far away from the source, then too, you cannot understand the consciousness. You should be neither far nor absorbed. Only then you will be able to understand the consciousness and its functions.

But it's not so easy. It needs extraordinary skill to be very near and not to be absorbed. It doesn't mean that Buddhas don't have extraordinary skill. From the beginning their focus was on realizing the source while siddhas were focusing on the functional state as well as the source.

Good Morning ... Let your focus be very clear..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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