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Body, heart and love


Question: Sir, Love is related to heart then why should the body be shared?

Answer: If you feel that sharing the body is not necessary, then no need to share. But the feeling should have come naturally and not because society says that that's a great thing. If you avoid sharing the body because the society will appreciate that you are the great, you will suppress your desire. Then you will deceive yourself.

If the society doesn't appreciate you, then you will feel bad. You will feel that your sacrifice became a waste. If the feeling of not sharing the body comes naturally, then you will never bother about whether the society appreciates you or condemns you.

And there are two hearts. One is a physical heart and the other is a spiritual heart. Which heart is your love related to? It doesn't matter to which heart it is related. Love is subjective like the electric current. Body is objective like an electric cable. Current is invisible. You can't use the current without the object.

In the same way, the only object through which the love can be expressed is the body. Sex is one of the expressions of the love. For all the expressions you have to use the body. Suppose a person is suffering from pain. You have full of love in your heart. How will you share your love without using your body to remove that person's pain?

The expression of love can be felt only through the body. And without expression love is of no use. Expression of love is the only proof for you having love.

Good morning.... Express your love...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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