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Attraction, like, affection, love and compassion


Question: Sir, Please help me to differentiate attraction, like, affection, love and compassion.

Answer: If the attraction happens on the body, it is called like. In case of arranged marriage, showing a person you will be asked, do you like that person? You will say yes or no. This is like.

If the attraction happens on body and mind (character), it's called affection. In case of a love marriage, you have observed the person for some time. Here you like both body and character. Here the attraction is a little deeper than like.

If the attraction happens on body, mind and energy, it is called love. It happens to spiritual persons. It is more deep than affection.

If the attraction happens on Consciousness, then comes compassion. It happens to enlightened one. It's the deepest level of attraction. Here the attraction completes.

Body is the visible object. So the possessiveness will be more. Mind and energy are invisible objects. Here the possessiveness will be less. Consciousness is the subject. It is not an object. So here no possessiveness is possible.

Good morning... Be completed in attraction...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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