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Art of making love


Question: Sir, say something about "Art of making love".

Answer: If sex is a problem, formula is required to solve the problem. The formula is Kama Sutra. Though Kama Sutra had been devised thousands of years ago, it is not taught properly. This society insists everyone to get married without teaching them how to lead a married life. This is a surprise.

Before marriage everyone should be taught "Kama Sutra" which teaches the art of making love, Techniques to improve the quality and the quantity of sexual fluid and Thirukkural which teaches everything about life.

Kama Sutra teaches how to raise the energy from the lower level to higher level. Implementation of Kama Sutra is Tantra Yoga. Soulmate meditation which is taught in Karya Siddhi Yoga is the advanced level of Tantra Yoga.

One-third of Thirukkural book talks about Love step by step. It includes romance, pre-marital love, post-marital love, praising the beauty, pouting, physiological changes, psychological changes and so on. This part of Thirukkural teaches not only "Art of making love" but also "Art of nurturing relationship".

Good morning ... Know the Sutra and solve the problem...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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