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Choiceless Awareness


Question: Sir.. What is the meaning of Choiceless Awareness? When and how can one feel it?

Answer: The word choiceless awareness was popularized by Jiddu Krishnamurthy. Choiceless awareness means observing yourself without judgement. Usually your mind will have choices like good or bad, positive or negative, like or dislike, sin or virtue, etc.. In case of choiceless awareness, you will not differentiate anything. you will not judge anything. You will be observing yourself without labeling anything. If you don't have a choice, your mind cannot exist. That's when choiceless awareness exists.

Choiceless awareness controls all the involuntary activities of your mind. Thoughts, emotions and impulses are involuntary activities of the mind. As your observation increases, these involuntary activities will become voluntary activities. You will be aware of whatever you do. As you are conscious of all your actions, you will not do anything unconsciously. So, you will not harm anyone. Your unconscious activities are the cause for all your problems. If you have choiceless awareness, you will not create problems.

Choiceless awareness will control your karma (Gene imprints). So that you won’t become a victim to your karma. Choiceless awareness will help you to get rid of unconscious activities. Getting rid of unconscious activities is called freedom. Meditation leads to observation. observation leads to clarity. clarity leads to freedom.

Good Morning ... Be aware without choice.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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