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Young and Old


Question: Sir, I feel that day by day I am becoming young in terms of clarity in mind, energy level and activity... But when I see me in the mirror there is a change in my physical appearance , I'm getting old , what does it mean?

Answer: As long as you are eager to know/learn about new things, you will feel young and energetic. You will be active. Even your body will not become older soon. If you think that there is nothing to know/learn, that means you know everything, that is maturity. Soon your hair may become grey. Your activities will be matured. If you attain the state of consciousness, you will not feel neither young nor old, and you will not have the idea of birth and death.

But you can respond like a child as well as a matured one according to the situation. And you will have the feeling of being forever. Whatever may be the case, the physical body will be getting old. So, when you see your image in the mirror, you will see that your body is getting old.

Good Morning ... Live beyond young and old.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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