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Yoga and Hair growth


Question: sir, whenever people know that we teach yoga, they ask, are there any yogic techniques for hair growth? Please comment.

Answer: Yes. I have also faced the same question from many people. As many people are losing their hair at the early ages, they are interested in knowing the solutions for their problems. The causes of hair loss are hereditary and stressful lifestyles. Almost everyone knows it. Even then, they are not ready to practise yoga to relax themselves. As a result, they lose their hair. After losing their hair, they find time to practise yoga. But unfortunately, it is difficult to regain hair. Hard practice may give little benefit. So, it's better to prevent than cure. Though you are not able to regain your hair, you will have the ability to take it easy by yoga practices.

If you are worrying about hair loss, you will have to lose all the hair very soon. So, accept it as the Divine judgment and relax. Bald head is also a kind of beauty. If you spend one hour daily to neutralize your stress and relax your body and mind by yoga practices, you can prevent / delay hair loss.

Good Morning .. Practise yoga and neutralize your stress daily..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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