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Specialty of friendship


Question: Sir, you call everyone as your friend. It seems that you are giving importance to friendship. What is the specialty of friendship?

Answer: As I am a friend to everyone, I call everyone as my friend. A friend is one who is always interested in your wellness. The only relationship that is worthwhile is friendship. Because it is trustworthy and gives comfort.

Friendship makes all relationships worthful. Because the essence of all relationships is friendship. In a parent and children relationship, you will be more comfortable if your parents / children are more friendly. In a sister and brothers relationship, you will be more happy if your sister or brother is so friendly.

In a husband and wife relationship, you will be more comfortable if your partner is so friendly. Otherwise, you will not share everything with your partner. You will find a friend to share your feelings. In a boss and subordinate relationship, if your boss is friendly, you will work comfortably in your office.

Even in Master and disciple relationships, if the master is so friendly, you will get clarification for all your doubts comfortably. All relationships become significant if they have friendliness. That is the specialty of friendship. That's why I prefer only friendship. I want to be your friend always. So, you can be more comfortable with me.

Good Morning... Be friends with all your relationships..💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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