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Meditation at Brahama Muhurtha


Question: Sir, are there any differences in meditating at 4 :00 am and other timings? If yes, what's the science behind it?

Answer: Yes.There are differences. One and half hours before sunrise is called Brahma Muhurtha. During this time,

1.According to Ayurveda, Vata will be dominating. So the body will be flexible to do asanas, pranayamas and Meditation.

2. Satva guna will be dominating. The purpose of doing meditation is to increase sattva guna. So this time will help a lot to increase satva guna.

3. Energy coming from the sun falls on the earth more. You will receive more cosmic energy if you meditate during this time.

4.The atmosphere will be calm. So calming down the mind is easy.

5. You will be getting contact with Sages and Saints.

6. After deep sleep, you will be fresh and rejuvenated. So you can meditate consciously.

Due to these reasons, Brahma Muhurtha is the best time for spiritual practices.

Good Morning.... Practice during Brahma Muhurta...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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