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Marriage vs Samadhi


Question: Sir Can't I attain Super Conscious state without a life partner?

Answer: You can. In fact, it may be delayed because of your partner if he/she is not cooperating with you. Every man has a woman inside him and every woman has a man inside her. Everybody has both male and female characters.

Feminine character in a man is called 'Anima'.

Masculine character in a woman is called 'Animus'.

In a man, the male character is in domination and the female character is in dormant. In a woman, the female character is in domination and the male character is in dormant. A man should meet his inner woman and a woman should meet her inner man. Only then the union completes.

Chandra (Ida) nadi is a woman and Surya (pingala) nadi is a man. When breathing happens through the left nostril, Chandra nadi is in domination. When breathing happens through the right nostril, Surya nadi is in domination. Surya nadi is Conscious state which is logical. Chandra nadi is a Subconscious state which is emotional.

Sometimes Chandra nadi is dominating and sometimes Surya nadi is dominating. Through some yogic practices both Surya nadi and Chandra nadi become the balance. Breathing happens in both the nostrils equally. Then the central path which is Sushumna nadi gets activated. This is a Super conscious state.

The energy (Sakthi) from Mooladhara goes to Thuriya and merges with the Consciousness (Shivam) . This is called Samadhi which is the Shiva-Sakthi union. This is the Ultimate Orgasm.

In male and female union, when they attain orgasm, they are disconnected from conscious state and sub-conscious state for a few seconds. And they taste the glimpse of Super Conscious state.

In Samadhi you stay in the Super conscious state for a longer duration without losing your energy. So it is deeper than the ordinary orgasm. That's why it is called the Ultimate Orgasm (Bliss).

Good morning... Be bliss...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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