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How to forget someone?


Question: Sir, I want to forget someone, but I couldn't. Can you please give me some suggestions?

Answer: You must have got hurt more deeply by that person. So you don't want to remember that person. But whenever you want to forget him, you remember him. The very thought of forgetting him makes you remember him. So first you have to drop the idea of forgetting him.

To drop anything, it should become complete. Otherwise, it will be hanging as incomplete in your mind. In nature, everything ends where it started. This is a law of nature.

If someone gives you pain, the pain has to go back to that person. Until then it will be hanging in you as an attitude of revenge. Here you should forget it but you will remember it.

It happens not only with your enemies but also with your loved ones. In case of loved ones, you will not talk to them for some time or you will avoid food so that they should feel the pain.

The same law is applicable to happiness also.If someone gives you happiness, the happiness has to go back to that person. Until then it will be hanging in you as an attitude of gratitude. Here you should remember it but you will Forget it.

Both forgetting and remembering are two sides of the same coin. When you want to forget, you remember. When you want to remember, you forget. Why so?

You want to give the pain immediately. That's why you remember it again and again. You want to retain the happiness. That's why you forget immediately. Immediately or lately, you should return it. Otherwise it will be incomplete.

To drop the revenge, sit in a place and close your eyes. Then bring that person into your mind and do whatever you want to do mentally. Finish it. Then bless that person for helping you to identify your immaturity. Because matured people will not get hurt. Be happy and show your gratitude.

Good morning...Be a matured...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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