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How to change everything?


Question: If we will be updating to the modern age, is it called a change? If we change our thoughts also, we can't face people in society. So how to change everything? Is it possible to change? But I'll try to change a bit....Thanks for explanation. ....🙏

Answer: Updating to modern age is also a change. As you are living in the modern world, you have to update to the modern age. Otherwise you cannot cope with it. You have updated materially. You are using whatsapp. You have updated technically. But you are not ready to update psychologically.

It doesn't matter if you don't change from sari to chudidar, from dhoti to pant. But don't condemn those who are wearing chudidar and pants. Try to understand their convenience.

There are two reasons for why society is opposing the change.

1. Jealous

2. Fear

Generally, the change happens in the higher class first and then in the middle class and lower class. In the beginning, middle and lower class people will oppose the change. It is because of jealousy. When their status is improved, they will accept the change.

Then, people are accustomed to the old and afraid of the new. So, they oppose the change out of fear. You can not change everything. You can change yourself. That's the only possibility. But it is difficult. If you change yourself, you can cope with the society.

You are trying to change a bit. It's good. Society is also changing a bit by bit. Moving a bit is also a great effort. But don't stagnate anywhere until you reach nowhere.

Good Morning... Reach nowhere...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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