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Harmony in family


Question: Sir, until I get rid of anger how do I establish harmony in my family?

Answer: Anger is not a problem in establishing harmony in a family. If anger is the problem, almost no family can be harmonious. If you are not getting angry at all, then you won’t be affected when the other person is angry at you.

If you are also getting angry, then you don’t have any right to condemn the other. In reality, everybody is getting angry at one time or another. Everybody knows that anger is an unconscious / involuntary act. So anger is not a problem. Then which is the problem?

After you became conscious, whether you apologized for your unconscious act or not is the problem. Whether you tried to make the other feel comfortable or not is the problem. Whether you expressed love to the other or not is the problem.

By your anger the other would have got hurt, you should apply medicine for that. The medicine is love. Just a hug can cure the hurt. Don’t try to find out whose mistake it was and who was the cause for the anger? Because it will strengthen your ego and will increase the gap.

Instead, try to compromise with the other. Let it be a competition as to who has to compromise first. If you got angry and hurt your partner, then use any tact to compromise your partner. I don't think anything is wrong even if you touch your partner's feet to compromise him/her.

Good morning... Have a harmonious family...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


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