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Formula to Peaceful Life


Question: Sir.. Is there a particular formula which can be applied to all the situations in my life so as to live my life peacefully?

Answer: The formula is to maintain the balance in every aspect of life. Life generally consists of both ups and downs, pleasure and pain, love and separation, success and failure. But none of these are permanent, everything will pass away with time. One who goes up should come down some time and one who is down is bound to go up some other time. Understanding this transitory nature of life is important. We should not get overwhelmed when we face positive aspects of life and not get depressed while facing negative aspects of life. That state of mind is a balanced mind.

If one can handle a situation which involves pleasure with a balanced mind, then he/she can also easily handle painful situations. If we don't get dissolved into either of these states, then we reach a state of our true self, which is free from this duality. A free person will always be peaceful.

To achieve this balanced state of mind and understand our true self, awareness is crucial. To attain awareness, we should meditate regularly. Meditation reduces mental frequency, which helps to see things clearly with awareness. In this state, one can see the situation whether positive or negative with clarity instead of getting overwhelmed or depressed. Only out of clarity one can lead a peaceful life.

Good Morning… Be free from duality...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore



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