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Dilemma between earning and service


Question: Sir..nowadays ..with good practise of meditation I am feeling office work is getting really effortless and I am able to finish things faster. But the problem is that another part of my mind is thinking that it's easily earned money. So I render my help to people who seek it. Sometimes, this had resulted in creating a financial problem for me which is why i had to borrow money from Friends, relatives or Apply Loans. How do I balance my life when one part of the mind says that it is an easily earned money and another part of mind says, I'm capable of doing anything and the financial problem is not at all a problem. I'm in a dilemma. please advise.

Answer: As you are practising meditation, your efficiency has improved. So, you are able to finish your work faster. It's really good. But you think that the salary you are getting is easy earned money. Now you are inviting difficulties. You want to work more with a lot of stress. Society has fixed that much of salary for your work. Why do you think that it is easy earned money?

If you have more money, use some percentage of money for the welfare of the society. When you don't have a job / sufficient money, financial things are a big problem. When you have a secure job and sufficient money, financial things are not a big problem. Whatever you want to do, for that you need money. Either you should spend your money or you should expect from others. So, don't neglect money.

Sit silently for some time and analyze what is your capacity. Then, decide what you can do. Plan and work accordingly. Many people are suffering from many things all over the world. You cannot help everyone. So, realize your limit and decide the area in which you are going to serve.

Good Morning .. Don't invite difficulties voluntarily.. 💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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