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Anxiety and BP


Question: I had problems with anxiety and BP. I have improved to some extent but not full. Can you suggest something to me?

Answer: Anxiety is the expectation of the future threat. It is the fear about the future. Future is an illusion. The present is the real. Future is the continuation of the present. If you do perfectly what you have to do at present, the result is automatic. The result is the future.. The action is present.

Without action, there is no result. So without the present, there is no future. When you enjoy the result, the future has already become the present. So there is no future. Focus your attention on the present work.

If you get the fear for something, immediately BP is raised. Anxiety is the continuous fear about the future. So always the BP will be high. If you take tablets for BP, it will suppress the anxiety for the time being. If you stop the tablet, again the suppression will come out.

Anxiety is a behavioral problem. You should be trained to change your behavior. If you meet me, I can find out what exactly your problem is. If it was confirmed by an expert, then it's OK. Desensitization technique will help you. You can learn it from a behavioral therapist.

Yogic techniques like yogasanas, pranayamas, relaxation, Meditation and introspection will be the ultimate solution to your problems. If you have not yet attended our classes, please attend.

Good morning... The result follows the action...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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