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Question: Sir I Want to get rid of anger. Please suggest a way for it ?

Answer: Anger is an emotional state where awareness is absent. There are three types of anger.

1. Expressed Anger which you showed to the people below you. Here both you and others are affected.

2. Suppressed Anger which you don't show to the people who are superior to you or by whom your work has to be done. Here you are only affected in the beginning. But one day your suppressed anger will burst out. Then both will be affected.

3. Pseudo Anger where you act as if you are getting angry. Here the anger is used for the goodness of both.

Among these three types of anger, third is OK. If you want to get rid of anger, you should increase your awareness. If you get anger, don't feel guilt and don't condemn it. Just observe what happens when you get angry. The very observation will increase the awareness.

Suppose after getting anger it will take 3 days to become normal. As your awareness increases, this duration decreases. You will become normal within 2 days, within one day, within half a day, within one hour, within 10 minutes, within one minute and within a few seconds.

Then you will be aware that you are getting angry but it's not in your control. In the next stage of awareness, you will be aware that energy is rising to your head and your head is getting heat. Then the final stage in which you will have reached the highest level of awareness where even the energy will not rise to get the anger.

Good morning... observe your anger...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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