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Activation of Mooladhara


Question: Sir..Mooladhara chakra is not vibrating like agna and thuriya. We can't always depend on masters for touchup. we can touch up ourselves but that will be a disturbance too. How to get the vibration in mooladhara chakra or any other chakra easily and to get benefited from them?

Answer: Chakra means energy Centre. That which is in motion is Energy. The motion is felt as vibration. There are two ways to feel the vibration in chakras.

1. Energy should be accelerated to the level of frequency of mind.

2. Mind frequency should be reduced to the level of motion of energy.

Generally mind frequency will be high. Vibration of the energy will be subtler. It's difficult to reduce mental frequency to the subtler level in the beginning stage. So energy should be accelerated in such a way that you can feel the vibration easily.

Before Meditation if you practice exercises, asanas, pranayamas, mudras, and bundas, the energy will be accelerated. No need to practice all those things daily. If you select a few techniques which are suitable to you and practice them for a few minutes before meditation, it's enough. You will feel the vibration.

When you become an advanced practitioner, you will feel the vibration without these techniques also. Because your mind would have been trained to go to the subtler level. Until then you practice these techniques before Meditation.

Good morning.... Train your mind to go to the subtleness ...💐

Venkatesh - Bangalore


Be blessed with success

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